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The Perfect Chip

A great chip can be thick or thin, it's however you like them. Homemade chips are a British institution, easy to cook and delicious when golden brown and salty, we all love them. 


A large potato per person, ideally Maris Piper
Sunflower oil, or if you dare beef dripping for frying
Sea salt



Peel your potatoes and cut them along the length into chips to what ever size pleases you.
Wash your chips in plenty of cold water, if you have time let them soak, for as long as you can. This removes the starches and helps to ensure a perfect chip. 

Use an electric deep fat fryer, they are relatively cheap and far safer than a pan of hot oil. Set the temperature to 130C and let your fryer come up to temperature, make sure the fill level is correct, too little oil will result in a loss of temperature when you lower your chips in. 

While you are waiting pat your chips dry with a tea towel and as soon as the fryer is ready lower them into the oil. Set a timer for 10 minutes, some fryers have built in timers. Do not get distracted, stay with your fryer, making chips can be dangerous. 

After 10 minutes remove your chips and let them cool, continue the process with any remaining chips. It is important not to overfill the basket, too many chips will result in a temperature drop in the oil. When you have cooked all your chips for 10 minutes they can be left to drain on kitchen paper for several hours if you have the will power to resist them. 

Turn your fryer to 190C, full power on most fryers, you are now ready to finish your chips. Lower your partly cooked chips into the oil, again don't over fill the basket. Keep a close eye on them, your chips will be golden and crisp in around two minutes. Let your first batch of chips drain on kitchen paper while you finish the remaining chips. All that remains is to sprinkle them with sea salt, the perfect chip, crisp and golden on the outside with a soft fluffy inside ....heaven!

Perfect Chips 

Preperation: 15 Minutes
Cooking time: 12 Minutes
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